Let's start at the beginning...

Often while I’m teaching students throughout the week I will hear something that sparks an idea or takes me back to a particular lesson that I had with one of my teachers. Sometimes the lesson is an appropriate venue to pass that lesson or thought along to the student and sometimes it isn’t…for instance, if I’m working with a 5 year old they don’t need to hear about how notes are generally grouped together, etc. 

It is my hope that writing a blog will serve as a catalog for thoughts on teaching and music in general. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that it will be useful for parents of young children and also for my older, more advanced students. 

Most of my students know that I’m an avid woodworker and I will also be starting a blog to provide a place to keep track of the pieces I complete and notes about them. I invite anyone who is interested in furniture and the like to check it out!