We aim to build the love of music, self-confidence, discipline, good work habits and outstanding achievement in every student.

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The Bloomfield Suzuki School of Music was developed to help Bloomfield and Berkley area children experience the joy that playing a stringed instrument can bring.

The Suzuki Method focuses on teaching young children by musical immersion. Students learn to play their instrument in much the same way they learn their native language...by listening, assimilating and repeating. In the beginning, we use a combination of games and exercises to make learning instrumental technique fun and engaging. Once this fundamental base is strong, our focus shifts to learning beautiful and sophisticated music written by many of the great masters - Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. We strongly believe that with encouragement and support, EVERY CHILD can learn and achieve success in music.

Matthew McMillan is an active performer and teacher in the Metro Detroit area and is a founding member of the Pine Hill Piano Trio. Before starting his own Suzuki studio, he taught orchestra in the Bloomfield Hills and Saline Area public schools. Matthew completed his bachelor's degree in Music Education at Michigan State University and his master's degree in Orchestral Conducting at Oakland University. During his time at MSU, he studied the Suzuki Method with Marilyn Kesler in Okemos and later at the Chicago Suzuki Institute. He is dedicated to the instruction of students of all ages from young Suzuki cellists and violinists to adults. 

Matthew's warm and friendly personality establishes an inviting studio atmosphere where students and parents feel comfortable and welcome. 

When he's not playing or teaching, he can often be found in his Berkley workshop making fine furniture or out walking his dog, Maggie. 

Matthew plays on a cello made in 2015 by luthier Kelvin Scott.