We aim to build the love of music, self-confidence, discipline, good work habits and outstanding achievement in every student.

The Suzuki Method focuses on teaching young children by musical immersion. In the beginning, we use a combination of games and exercises to make learning instrumental technique fun and engaging. Once this fundamental base is strong, our focus shifts to learning beautiful and sophisticated music written by many of the great masters - Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

Matt is an excellent teacher, and I confidently recommend him to everyone. My daughter started to take violin lessons when she was four years old and has been taking lessons for two years. Matt has made learning the violin fun and easy for her. Matt keeps things moving forward, so there is always something new and interesting to learn. My daughter is constantly singing or humming the songs from the lessons. Matt also strikes a great balance between fun and learning, especially in group classes, where he is able to channel kids’ natural energy to focus on the class. When he does need to correct a kid’s behavior, he does it in a nice way that re-engages that kid in learning.

I didn’t know anything about playing an instrument when my daughter started taking lessons; now I can read music and help my daughter practice at home.

These lessons have improved my daughter’s confidence, logic skills and overall memory. She is able to find patterns easier, read better and overall do better in school, because of these music lessons.
— Michelle E.

Why learn to play an instrument? 

I think the best reason (of course) is that music is a wonderful thing! Learning to do something that will enrich your life is always a worthwhile endeavor. An extra amazing benefit to music - especially actively playing music rather than passively listening to music - is that it strengthens your brain in ways nothing else seems to be able to do. Watch this short TED Ed video: