Each year students have the opportunity to perform a solo in two recitals - one at the end of the spring semester and the other at the end of the fall semester. Older students who have learned note reading skills are also invited to join the cello and violin ensembles to perform chamber music. Below are some student performances from the Spring and Winter 2018 recitals. I hope you enjoy! 


Group and ensemble playing

One of the hallmarks of the Suzuki Method is that we learn both in private one-on-one lessons and also group settings. For younger students, we have group class where technique, music theory, song review and ensemble skills are learned. Once students get a bit older and more advanced, they move into either the violin ensemble or the cello ensemble where the focus is playing chamber music. 

Ensembles generally take on a few new students each year so that less experienced players get the opportunity to perform alongside those who are more advanced. Often one of the best ways to improve is to be around older, more proficient musicians. This year, the cello ensemble invited three new players who had never before played in a group. They all did a terrific job! We also moved some of the younger students over to the 1st part, which plays up in thumb position - cellos start to sound like violins up there...

The piece was Dill Pickle Rag, which is a genre that cellos don't necessarily play all the time. We are so lucky to perform Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc that sometimes other music gets neglected. This is a four part work which can make things tricky at times. In all, the ensemble played very well with only a few rehearsals before the performance. Great job guys! 


solo performances

Each student has the chance to perform a prepared solo at the recitals. Here are just a few players from our 2018 performances. 

Prior to playing, students introduce themselves, their piece and inform the audience of something meaningful about the music. It might be something they learned, an interesting fact about the music or something about the composer. Public speaking is an important life skill and this is a terrific opportunity to work on it.