2019 Spring Recital

As always, students performed exceptionally well at our recent recital and I am of course, very proud of their work, dedication and smiles!

Two additions that I really enjoyed at this concert were the:

  1. Free-will donation of a shelf stable food item that went to the SOS ( South Oakland Shelter).

    I've always believed that recitals should be open to everyone at no additional cost. My sister is a dancer and her performances required tickets which limited who could come and be a part of the experience. I'm all about inclusion and community, so this doesn't sit well with me.

    In the spirit of helping others, however, I thought that perhaps a free will donation of a shelf stable food item (canned good, cereal, pasta, etc) that could go to one of the charities the church works with might be nice. Families that were able, brought one item per person to donate to the church. We collected these and made sure they got to families in need. So a family of 4 brought 4 cans of something, etc.

We had a wonderful showing of this beta trial, so I think we’ll do the same thing come winter. The picture is somewhat deceiving….there’s a LOT of food there!

Food donations

Food donations

  1. End of recital Play-in piece.

    At the end of the solo and small group performances, all the students, siblings and parents (who were willing and able) came up to the stage and played as a mass ensemble. This is cool for a whole bunch of reasons and made it easier for us to take a group photo to commemorate the evening.

I hope everyone had a great time and I can’t wait until our next recital in December!